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Construction Solutions > Applications

Application of the Ready-mix Concrete for the Tunnels, Ports and Dams’ Projects

KZJ Concrete Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers

Along with the high Performance and excellent integrated functions in the concrete, KZJ high range polycarboxylate superplasticizers have been successfully applied in the projects of ports, dams,and tunnesl

Set Accelerator for Shotcrete in Tunnels
Item No.:KZJmastery SN802

Problem of Old Generation of Set Accelerator

There is dust in the spraying process of old generation accelerator which is easy to make damage to the concrete, waste of the cement and affects the durability of the concrete.

Advantage of New Generation of Set Accelerator

KZJmastery SN802 is our shotcrete solution to short the initial and final setting time with lower dosage, good adaptability and improving durability. Meanwhile, there is no dust during the spraying process to ensure the health of the workers an good adhesive property an reduce the waste of materials, and thur reduce the cost and enhance the durability of concrete.

Xiang'an Sea Tunnel in Xiamen

The first section Sea tunnel in Fujian,China and the longest sea Tunnel in the Asia.

With a total length of 5.9km, Xiang'an subsea tunnel is an important connection between Xiamen Island and Xiang'an District. The tunnel is designed and built with two-way of 6-lane and runs across the sea area with three tunnels(2 traffic tunnels on both sides and 1 service tunnel in the middle). There are 4 ventilation shafts, 5transverse galleries for vehicles and 12 transverse galleries for pedestrian. Upon the completion on April 26th, 2010, the time on traffic is 82min less than before. The tunnel is built with the methods of drilling, blasting and subsurface excavating. It is and is also the one of the biggest section in the world.

Concrete Requirements:

Short Setting Time and High Early Strength Concrete with High Durability and Anti-permeability

KZJ Products Used:

KZJpoint 400AC, KZJpoint RA8206,KZJmastery WK811

KZJ Technical Service:

tailor-made Concrete admixtures formula with the workable concrete mix design 24hrs Job site and field technical support when our batching plants need us.

Chengyu Zhonglianshan Tunnel

Concrete Requirements:
>C35 Concrete with impermeability grade P12

Concrete Problem:
The pumping distance is too long and the construction environment is too complicated to meet requirements on the P12 performance of the concrete. It is hard to get he solution of controlling the slump loss in high temperature weather in summer.

Products Used:
KZJpoint 400AC, KZJpoint RA8206, KZJmastery WK811

KZJ solutions:
Firstly, our technical engineer adjusted the admixture formula to solve the slump loss problem. Secondly we have introduced anti-foaming agent and air-entraining agent to meet the requirements of concrete impermeability based on the fixed concrete mix design.

KZJpoint RA8206
High Early Strength Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer for Precast, Pile and Prestress Concrete in Tunnel, Maglev and Beam projects

KZJpoint 400AC High Range Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer of Chloride & Sulphate Corrosion Resistance

Changsha City,China

Maglev Precast Concrete

Project Description:

The maglev line is taken from the north side of Changsha to the South Railway Station, and walk sideways connecting the old and new terminals of Huanghua Inernational Airport. The Length of whole line is 18.52 kilometers. There are three stations on the whole line, namely South Railway Station,Langli Station and Huanghua Airport Station. The vehicle adopts low and medium speed maglev trains, with a maximum speed of 100 km/hour. It is proposed to use 3 marshalling trains for the operation of maglev trains, and 1 crossroad for the whole line. In the early stage, 5 trains are required; in the middle period, 6 trains and 7 trains are required; in the long term, 12 trains and 14 trains are required. The technical and economic investment are 226.5 million RMB yuan/km.

City Metros
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