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Construction Solutions > Applications
Application of the Ready-mix Concrete for the Important City Metro Lines’ Projects
High Range Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers

Made from KZJpoint 811A

KZJ products are suitable for all types of ready-mixed and precast concrete, from very basic to ultra-high strength, use in the construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, tunnels, high-speed railways, roads, airports, ports, dams, hydraulic & municipal engineerings. Our various concrete admixtures are able to improve strength,setting time, slump retention, appearance and enhance its durability as well. These properties make the concrete placing, pumping and finishing more easily.

Hangzhou Metro Line 5 Phase 1-SG5-6 Section

KZJ Products Used:

KZJpoint RS8204
KZJpoint 400AC

Project Description:

It locates in Yile Road from Zhejiang University Station to Yile Road Station, East and West with River Bridge connection construction. The first phase of Hangzhou Metro Line 5 involves complex engineering plates, including viaducts, underground floors, beams and slabs. It also has high requirements for waterproof, impermeable and anti-chlorine ion penetration.

Concrete Requirement:

1.The top, bottom and side walls of this project should be made of waterproof concrete with a strength grade of C35;
2.The total alkali content in concrete should not be greater than 3kg/m³. The maximum chloride ion content in waterproof concrete is 0.06%, and the chloride ion diffusion co-efficient of 56 days is required to be less than 3.0*10-12m²/s;
3.Even though Machine-made sand has high powder content and poor grading distribution which cause the poor workability and fast slump loss, customer required for good-flow concrete (Initial expansion flow of about 600mm and without slump loss in one hrs, 2hrs slump loss within 40mm)

KZJ Solutions

We solved the problem of slump retention by using our newly products of slow-release slump retention agent, and adjust the formula of KZJpoint RS8310 to meet the requirements of compatibility and improve the concrete compactness to reduce the chloride ion diffusion coefficient.

Zhengzhou Metro Line 4 & Line 5

The total length of line 4 is 30.135km with 28 stations and the length of line 5 is about 32km with 29 stations.
The main line of them are laid underground.

Concrete Technical Difficulties

1.The slump needs to be 200±20mm on site after 2hrs transportation.
2.Concrete is high sensitive to the using amount of cement which lead to construction difficulty.
3.The raw materials fluctuate greatly and the slump loss problem is severe.
4.Poor concrete workability, not easy to pump.

KZJ Solutions:

KZJpoint RS8204 is the solution to solve the slump loss problem in summer and put the low-sensitive PCE material in KZJpoint RS8204 to make admixture fit well with the sensitive cement and fluctuated aggregates.

Guangfo Metro Phase II


Since the overall quality of the local fly ash in guangzhou and foshan fluctuated, The batching plants have required to make customized admixtures to fit well with their fluctuated quallity aggregates, and we did it by using KZJpoint RS8204 and KZJcontrol 600SR

Along with our KZJpoint RS8204 and KZJcontrol 600SR, the viscosity of the concrete is greatly reduced, and theconcrete collapse is obviously improved. Meanwhile, our KZJpoint RS8204 can also adapt to three types of fly ash to make the concrete without slump loss in 2hrs and slump loss of less than 4cm in 3hrs.

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