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Construction Solutions > Applications

Application of the Concrete for the famous Bridges’ Projects

KZJ Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers

Make from KZJpoint 804T, KZJpoint 811A and KZJpoint 810T

KZJ products are suitable for all types of ready-mixed and precast concrete,from very basic to ultra-high strength,use in the construction of high-rise buildings,bridges,tunnels,high-speed railways,roads,airports,ports,dams,hydraulic & municipal engineerings.Our various concrete admixtures are able to improve strength,setting time,slump retention,appearance and enhance its durability as well.These properties make the concrete placing,pumping and finishing more easily.

Xiazhang Sea Bridge

in Fujian Province, China

In 2011,we have fulfilled this strategic planning with the project of Xiazhang Cross-sea Bridge, Starting from Xiamen Haicang District, crossing the mouth of Jiulong River and ending at FugongHouzhai, Xiazhang Bridge is 9.7km length five-span continuous half-floating cable-stayed bridge with a total investment of 5.1 billion RMB.

Concrete Requirements

Pile Cap Concrete of Large Volume(required 30hrs setting time),Marine Work Concrete with High Durability.

Products Used:

KZJpoint RA8206, KZJpoint RS8310, KZJcontrol 600SR
KZJmastery WK811, KZJguard MC07

KZJ Technical Supports:

We have provided the concrete admixture with the good comprehensive properties, such as high water reduction, high compressive strenght, good slump retention, etc. What is the most important is that we optimize the admixture formula to achieve extra set retarding times as required.

Nanjimen Special Railway Bridge

Concrete Requirements:

Prefabricated bridge panel -C60(polypropylene fibre),ambient temperature T2 Cast-in-place seam -C60(microexpansive fine stone), ambient level T2. Upper tower (cable tower anchorage)-C50(steel fiber), environment grade T3 Cofferdam seal -C30 underwater, environmental grade T1 Pile foundation -C35 underwater, environmental grade T1 Pile cap -C35 reinforcement, environmental grade T2 Platform body expanded base cap tower C35 large volumewith grade T2, Pier-C40 with environment grade T3.


It connects nanan district and yuzhong district, which is the key control project of the second phase of rail transit line 10. Contractor: chongqing hanxin new building materials co., LTD

KZJ Products Used:

KZJpoint RS8310
KZJpoint RA8206

Zhenzhuo Beam Factory for Bridge Project

With a total length of 227 kilometers and a design speed of 350 kilometers/hrs, henan section started construction in 2016 and is expected to be completed in December 2020, with a total investment of 42.72 billion yuan.

Technical Points and Difficulties

1. slump 200±20mm,Expansion 550±20mm 1hrs slump>180mm,Expansion >500mm

2. C50 High grade concrete is sticky

3.The material fluctuates greatly, the clay content in sand fluctuates greatly

4. Concrete with air content of 2%-4% is unstable

Others important Bridges Projects used our products

Nanjimen Railway Bridge

City Metros
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