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Lets enjoying the Concrete Courses in LETS Concrete School

Our free product training courses are open to KZJ’s VIP customers and the Technical Leader in the batching plants who are using our concrete Superplasticizers.The product training Courses are organized by Overseas Marketing Department,carried out by our R&D center and the training Experts in concrete material application.

Dr. Ma, KZJ's General Manager, said that ’KZJ product training is very useful and impressive for the chemicals engineers who using KZJ PCE and SNF materials to make the different types of concrete admixtures and the civil engineers who use KZJ's concrete admixtures in batching plant'. All the trainees will be given test method and opportunities to do the trial test in our labrooms on how to mix and use the products throughout the training day.

Background preparation including british standards, ASTM standard and GB 8076 will be covered during the theory presentations, as well as you will see how the products are made and tested in our factory and lab tours. Upon completion of the course, you will have a full knowledge of KZJ's products as well as an understanding of industry standards between GB 8076 , EN480 and ASTM C494.

Free Training Content of Concrete and Superplasticizers

The Teachers' theoretical knowledge combined with KZJ experience in manufacturing industry-leading concrete products ensures the vivid training atmosphere and comprehensive product information, which can meet the needs of new customers and those new to the construction industry.

The product training course takes place at KZJ's training facility located in the R&D center, Tongan' industry and Xiangan' Lab room, Xiamen. The training course takes three days including a factory tour, product demonstrations and three complimentary Chinese lunch.

Concrete and concrete superplasticizers’ courses

The Mechanism of Action: Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Working in Concrete.

What is the difference with PCE-based superplasticizer and naphthalene-based superplasticizers

The Standard Test Comparison Between EN480, ASTM C494 and GB 8076

How should we make the superplasticizers from SNF or PCE products which are made from our polyester macro-monomers Materials

How should we successfully use superplasticizers in batching plant.

Some Courses about Concrete Workability and Durability;

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