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KZJ Talent Concept

With more than ten years of accumulation, KZJ has brought together a team of talents from all corners of the world, who understand industry,profession,technology, and management. They devote themselves zealously to accomplish their work. They are one of the core competitiveness of KZJ.The opportunity to gain experience and know-how at different KZJ locations around the globe is a win-win-situation for both the employee and the company.


KZJ respects the individuality of each employee, respects the personal wishes of employees, and respects the employees’ right to choose.


"People-oriented, harmony and diversity", KZJ strives to create a harmonious working atmosphere,and advocates simple and sincere interpersonal relationships.


All employees are equal in personality and equal in the face of development opportunities

Professional Manager Team

The professional manager team is a concrete embodiment of KZJ’s talent concept. KZJ’s excellent professional managers will truly care for their employees and care for them with enthusiasm.

We care about employees in careers, pay attention to their voices and suggestions, guide and inspire them to continuously pursue progress.

We care about employees at work, take the initiative to create a good working environment for them, and motivate them to play a better role.

We care about employees in life, solve worries, and inspire them to make new and greater contributions.

Continuously cultivating a professional, passionate and creative team of professional managers is an important mission of KZJ's creation and development.

Career Development System

By introducing the career development system of employees, KZJ fully mobilizes the initiative and enthusiasm of all employees, encourages employees to continuously improve their work, personal qualities and abilities. We appoint people with merit, promote the development of the company's human resources, and establish a fair and open promotion system to create a healthy internal talent competition mechanism.

Career Planning

KZJ provides employees with vertical and horizontal career development opportunities. Through vertical employment and promotion, horizontal career conversion, job rotation and deputy position, we open multiple career development paths for employees to dig out the potential of employees, and match employees' career development with KZJ's trends.

Professional development principles

Considering both sides: highlighting the maximization of the mutual interests between enterprise and employees. It is necessary to meet the needs of market development and organizational structure to ensure the normal metabolism of the organization, but also to encourage and accelerate talent growth. Only "performance" application: Emphasizing that through the career adaptability of the staff being promoted to the new position, the career development should be able to improve the comprehensive ability of the promoted person.

Uniform standards: Emphasis on development conditions and procedures are in an open way, and standards are unified. Internal selection and cultivation of equal conditions is preferred.Objective basis: Emphasis on objective facts. To highlight the continuous performance of employees. It must be built on the basis of performance evaluation, and at the same time supplemented by the evaluation of comprehensive capabilities and seniority.Relaxation: Emphasis on planning and timeliness. For routine career development, it should meet the staffing plan and salary expense plan; For special promotions, such as major contributions or special job needs, they should be promoted in a timely manner.

Continuous Learning and a healthy and prosperous life

We advocate a "healthy and prosperous life". Learning and working is not just a means of making a living, and it should be able to bring us happiness and a sense of accomplishment. In addition to studying and working, we encourage all employees to pursue physical and mental health, family harmony, and the richness of personal lifestyle.

Talent Training System

In order to establish a talent training system based on the needs of professional development, KZJ strives to build an excellent corporate team of employees. We improve working methods, overall quality and work ability of all employees. We also popularize a learning-oriented corporate culture, and enhance the professional development competitiveness of employees. The all-round talent training system allows new employees to receive systematic training as soon as they start their career. The training will accompany the employees' progress in the career development of KZJ.

The entire personnel: All staffs continue to participate in training and to improve comprehensive quality and working skills;

Targeted: Close to the actual needs of the company and employees, training according to needs;

Planned: Step by step, carried out in an orderly manner, and keep a balance between the current job and training;

Full process: training runs through the entire career process (entry, in-service, transfer, promotion);

Comprehensiveness: The training content in within a system, including basic training, quality training, and skill training. The training methods focus on the usefulness, and comprehensively use lecture, discussion, visit, observation, and enterprises commissioned training.

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